Campus Pastor: Derek Bates


Derek moved to Pittsburgh in 2008 to begin RUF at PITT.

Born and raised in VA, he graduated from James Madison University, lived briefly in Ukraine, CO, and then St. Louis, MO where he graduated from Covenant Theological Seminary.


His wife Luda speaks 3 languages, works, tries to keep up with their 4 awesome kids, and bakes some out-of-this-world snacks for RUF. 


Derek enjoys reading, sports, lifting weights, fixing up broken things, good music, concerts, and drinking coffee with students.


If you'd like to meet to discuss life in college, faith, doubt, good music, or Oct baseball, just email him.





Campus Staff: Callie Miller


Callie began work with RUF after studying and doing research science for the better part of 10 years, at Francis Marion University in Florence, SC (where she earned her BS in Biology) and at the University of Pittsburgh (where she earned herMS in molecular neuropharmacology).

It was in Pittsburgh that she fell in love with Christ, and God radically changed her heart and calling through the gospel, His church and community.

It was also in Pittsburgh that Callie met James, a linguiphile who studied linguistics and German at Pitt, and loves all things J.R.R Tolkien. They bonded over discussing personality types, appreciating mundane graces, and exploring places and ideas.

After Callie finished an internship with RUF at Penn State, James and Callie were married in the summer of 2014. Calliethen served as campus staff with RUF Lynchburg at Sweet Briar Women’s College, and she has been recently called to serve with RUF at the University of Pittsburgh.


Callie is delighted by conversation, good food, yoga, dimples, and big earrings. She loves discussing how people relate, and she also loves to dance. If you would like to talk with her about science, faith, life, or yourself, just email her.