RUF strives to be a safe community for all kinds of people to come and learn about God and His love. Whether you consider yourself a Christian, a cynic, burned out, or confused, RUF is a place for anyone to hear the good news of Jesus, ask questions, grow in understanding, and enjoy community.

RUF, the campus ministry of the Presbyterian Church in America, is on over 150 campuses across the nation, and was established at PITT in 2008.

  • Christ
We believe God has revealed to us in the Bible the story of His great love, and His determination to set all things right. We believe that Jesus is God come in the flesh to make all things right, that He has revealed God's love and will, and that relying on Him is the way to substantial change. As we understand that love, and as we rest in it, we are transformed by it. In this way, we come come to love God, love others, and love our campus.
  • Community
When God unites us to Jesus, He also unites us to others, whom we are called to care for, and without whom we cannot grow. Maturity looks like love for others, genuine care and empathy. It is in the midst of life together that we best reflect God's love, and grow deeper in it.  We believe the ultimate expression of this community is the church.
  • Campus

As a student organization at PITT, we love the University, and think it is a wonderful place of people and ideas. We believe that your calling to be a student is an important one, a call that God delights in.  It is our hope that in the midst of your call as a student at PITT,  RUF would equip and encourage you to serve and lead well here, such that your fellow students, and the broader university, would benefit from the gospel's work in our midst.

  • Growth in grace

In RUF we want to grow in our understanding of who God is, who we are, what Jesus has done, and how we might become more like Him.  We are convinced this is less about our performance, and more about resting in Christ’s performance, and being transformed (Reformed) by His love.

  • Biblical world and life view

The Bible provides us a way of making sense of life in this world: why things are beautiful, why things are broken, and how we can have hope that they may one day be right again. We want you to grow in your understanding of how God made this world, continues to interact with it, and how we may have hope to change it for the good of others.


  • Fellowship and service

A beautiful community is one that is marked by genuine care. We are not meant to live for ourselves and by ourselves. Rather, we are to grow together and serve together. Moreover, these are not separate activities. Our friendships should be with an eye to serving and loving others. Our service should be for the sake of building community and serving together. 


  • Evangelism and mission

There is good news to be shared, and we must share it clearly and lovingly. If what the Bible says is true, it would be unloving if we did not share it with others. In RUF we share the good news of Jesus by regularly studying the Bible together, but also by creating a culture where doubts and objections are taken seriously, where individuals and their viewpoints are respected. In other words, RUF is a place where you can come no matter what you believe, and where you can bring your friends, no matter what they believe.